Brand Journey

Varsity Spirit

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Step up.

Despite being the industry leader, Varsity Spirit wanted to step up their shoe game in order to truly dominate the cheerleading market.


Varsity Spirit is the international authority on all things cheerleading. Their problem? Their brand was coming across as cute, instead of cool-- and lesser competitors were taking advantage of it.

Varsity approached us to create a shoe campaign that upped their cool factor, while still staying true to the brand they had built over the past 40 years.

Through weeks of discovery sessions, we determined that strength, athleticism, and individuality were the defining-- or, at the very least, aspirational-- characteristics of a Varsity cheerleader. We then took those traits, developed and expounded upon them based on the key segments of their market, and then projected these completed personalities onto each of the shoes in the Varsity line. Those personalities informed not only the naming of three new shoes, plus all imagery, copy, and music tracks going forward.






For the print and social media campaign, we chose individual cheerleaders to embody each ascribed shoe personality. This shoot was the first in Varsity history to feature cheerleaders out of uniform, a deliberate move to shift the brand’s focus to athleticism, power, and dedication.





Shoe personality was further demonstrated in packaging elements such as hang tags and custom insoles.



Tech Terminology

We created a new lexicon and iconography system for Varsity-exclusive technical shoe terms to showcase their material, construction, and quality in accessible, yet “cool” ways.